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Advice from the Innovators: How to Drive Advancements in Agriculture

Pioneers. Innovators. Groundbreakers. Disruptors. Whatever you call them, agriculture needs them in order to keep producing safe, healthy and affordable food while we restore the earth at the same time. It’s an effort that Woodruff is passionate about, which is why we want to do everything we can to help propel innovation forward.

That’s one of the reasons why Woodruff proudly sponsored the Ag Innovation Forum, which was hosted by the Kansas City Agricultural Business Council in late February. This forum showcased innovation and entrepreneurship in the region, featuring presentations from companies and organizations who are disrupting the typical agribusiness space to move agriculture forward faster.

But if you know Woodruff, you know that we like to crank things up a notch wherever we can. So we did. We set up an “after hours” panel discussion following the Forum where we could have some candid conversation with three leaders who are helping their organizations innovate faster than ever before:

  • Julie Borlaug, Vice President, External Relations, Inari
  • Naeem Zafar, Founder, CEO, TeleSense
  • Kevin Heikes, Co-Founder, CEO, IN10T

This distinguished panel shared their observations about innovation in agriculture today — what drives them, the roadblocks they see, the tools and resources that are needed and why it’s important to keep investing.

So please check out our discussion, PERSPECTIVES: Advancing Agriculture Through Innovation.

Our hope is that it will inspire and empower more people to drive change and innovation in an industry that we think is pretty phenomenal. And be sure to stay tuned for more in the near future!