3 dogs at Woodruff

Woodruff Celebrates National Dog Week

Every owner knows the unending joy of living with a dog. The stinky and sloppy (yet totally welcomed) kisses, the willingness to bark at a thunderstorm until it retreats, the absurd ability to go from SOEXCITEDTOSEEYOU to snoozing in thirty seconds or less – it’s been said ad nauseam but there’s honestly nothing like the love of a dog.

At Woodruff, we’re not just experts in animal health marketing, we’re an office full of proud pet parents; it seemed only natural that we join in on this year’s National Dog Week celebrations.

What’s National Dog Week?

Founded in 1928 by Dog World magazine publisher Captain Will Judy, National Dog Week highlights the strength and importance of the human-animal bond while advocating for proper care and treatment of these incredible beasts.

Now in its 89th year, it’s marked by community fundraising and adoption events, parties, corporate involvement and overall increased awareness of pet wellness.

Celebrate with us

In the words of Judy, “The world likes dogs because dogs are nearest to moral perfection of all living things.”

We couldn’t agree more. So join us as we honor these incredible companions (including our own!) on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn throughout the week, and while we know you don’t need an excuse to show your dog some love, be sure to give them an extra-long belly rub from your friends at Woodruff.