Woodruff employees celebrate 25 years

Reflecting Forward

On April 7, 2017, our employees descended upon Kansas City to celebrate a major milestone in our company’s history: 25 incredible years in business. The event was one of reflection, revelry and motivating conversation. It was an opportunity to not just reminisce about a successful past, but to share visions of a prosperous future. Surrounded by sweeping views of the city from the balcony of the Brass on Baltimore and serenaded by one of the city’s finest bands, we admired our new swag, the stunning décor and the immense volume of hard work it took to get this far.

Woodruff employees celebrate 25 years

In honoring our 25th anniversary and the entrepreneurial spirit on which our business was founded, Woodruff Sweitzer continues to transform. We are returning to a name that reflects our roots and the dauntless heart of our founder. One that encourages and challenges us to look at things from a new perspective. A name and identity that represents what we value and the traits we admire most in one another. We are now Woodruff.

And to wholly embrace what it means to be Woodruff and for everyone to have a legitimate stake in our future, we have decided to become an employee-owned company, where our people are unequivocally and enthusiastically committed to collaboration and the evolution of the agency.

In the words of our founder, Terry Woodruff, “This entrepreneurial mindset has always been the lifeblood of our company, pushing us to take risks, be bold and challenge the status quo to drive extraordinary outcomes for our clients.”

In our next chapter, we’re allowing this spirit to take the helm, to drive us toward a redefined of purpose and unite us in projecting our past successes into the future.

We are bold. We are tenacious. We are insightful.

We are Woodruff. Happy 25th.